Stuff about me

I’m Charly, a 22 (nearly 23) year old postgrad with issues deciding what to do in life. I’m currently living in Sydney, Australia with my fiancé (I love saying that) in our very first apartment together. We’re currently travelling around the world, which I’ll tell you about in some other posts.

My degree is in Biomedical Sciences…sounds fancy but equates to a life in the lab, a noble career but not the one for me. I fancy something a bit more out there, something exciting and impactful (incidentally, words which I hope will be used to describe my blog posts one day).

Over the years I have had many passions including; music (both playing it and listening to it), the Titanic (morbid but I will explain sometime), baking cakes, decorating cakes, volunteer work, global health and of course travel. I intend to write about all of these things here, along with a few posts about how I’ve come to be where I am both physically and mentally.

To round off my first post without getting too rambley, I’d like to share with you the meaning of my engagement ring that my partner, John, told me about when he proposed last month on the beach in Fiji (cue: aaaawwwwww).

“It’s called a trinity ring. The three diamonds represent the past, the present and the future. The biggest one is the present, because that’s where we like to live. And we’re pretty good at it I think.”

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